Oregon Officers Are Under Fire For Making This Amazing List Of People Who Should ‘Eat A Bowl Of Dicks’

A wrongful termination lawsuit filed against the University of Oregon by a fired public safety officer contains some hilarious details about the man’s former work environment. Namely, a fantastic list his fellow officers compiled of people that should “eat a bowl of dicks.”

The 225 names on the list are all over the map, ranging from hilarious (“Mick Jagger’s Arm Fat”) to appropriate (“Osama Bin Laden” and “Comcast”) to baffling (“1990 NBA Finals”). Someone in Oregon really hates Isiah Thomas.

Here’s how the list was compiled during work hours, according to KVAL News:

Before each shift, Cleavenger says Lt. Brandon Lebrecht would conduct a pre-shift briefing with all of the officers on the shift, including Kent Abbott, Michael Drake, Adam Lillengreen, Eric LeRoy and Andrew Bechdolt.

During many of those briefings, Cleavenger says Lebrachet allowed for a discussion of a “Bowl of —– List.”

Cleavenger says this was an actual list of people and entities who participating officers disliked and thought should “eat a bowl of” a vulgar term for the male genitalia.

Cleavenger also says that after the pre-shift briefings, officers would sit around Lebracht’s office discussing the list, and continue to do so during their eight-hour shifts.

According to the University of Oregon’s website, Lebrecht is now a lieutenant in charge of “Professional Standards and Training.” An Oregon spokesperson confirmed the list was kept on the personal cell phone of LeRoy, and the school released a copy of the list on Monday.

Here is that (hilarious) list: