Brad Pitt Wants The Straight Pride Parade Supporters To Stop Calling Him Their Mascot

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There are some great events going on this Pride month… and some not so great. A small group of definitely-not-insecure men obtained a permit for a Straight Pride Parade in Boston following the same route as Boston’s Gay Pride Parade. Plenty of jokes have been made about the event, but few people noticed that the organizers’ website declared, “The Straight Community has adopted Brad Pitt as our mascot. Congratulations to Mr. Pitt for being the face of this important civil rights movement.” Brad Pitt noticed.

According to TMZ, representatives of Brad Pitt have reached out to Straight Pride Parade organizers to request they take his name out of their mouths. Reportedly, “further action could be taken” if they continue using his name and likeness.

Pitt isn’t the only one who has no interest in being associated with the parade or its just lovely organizer. Boston native Chris Evans slammed the idea, and the parade was also disowned by Axe Body Spray. AXE BODY SPRAY. When even Axe turns on a straight guy, you know he messed up.

Meanwhile, the Straight Pride Parade continues to be great fodder for jokes on Twitter:

This next one’s funnier if you visualize Billy Eichner yelling, “Move! I’m gay.

And speaking of Billy Eichner, he’s willing to play along for the right price:

Some people looked at the positives:

But, just to be clear, a Straight Pride Parade is ridiculous because no one at a “straight pride” event has had to hide their straightness: