Brian Kilmeade Just Wants Joe Biden To Stop Talking About America’s 500K COVID Deaths And Give Praise To Trump, Is That Too Much To Ask?

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade had a pretty strange reaction to President Biden’s primetime Covid speech, in which he mourned the tragically-high death toll of the year-long pandemic: “Get over it, America!”

No seriously, that was Kilmeade’s hot take on his morning show with co-hosts Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt as the network personalities discussed Biden’s address. Kilmeade was visibly irate over how much Biden focused on the lives lost to the Coronavirus — we’re up to 527,000 people as of now — and appalled that the president refused to acknowledge the previous administration’s efforts to combat the pandemic during his speech.

“We don’t need to go over the 500,000 dead, we had that moment,” Kilmeade said. “Let’s talk about the future moving forward. Every time he has a chance to praise the previous administration, he not only doesn’t praise, he kicks them in the groin.”

If you’d like to see the steam emitting from this camera-loving troll’s ears, here’s the clip:

Of course, one could argue that acknowledging how many people have been lost to the pandemic — nearly as many Americans have died from the virus as the number killed in World War I and II combined — is not only a sign of respect but a reminder to practice empathy for others during this trying time. And, considering how embarrassingly bad Trump was at managing this pandemic in its early days, Biden is probably doing the previous administration a favor by not mentioning their many screw-ups.

But really, do people owe it Kilmeade to educate him? Or, do people owe it to themselves to laugh at his callousness by rounding up some of Twitter’s most savage reactions to his on-air temper tantrum? (The second one seems to be winning.)