Brie Larson’s Ripped Look Is Inspiring Lots Of Reactions About Another Avenger

As Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, Brie Larson seldom gets the chance to show off the muscles that she must maintain for the gig (so as to better hop from planet to planet and even rescue Tony Stark). Still, however, they exist underneath the suit, and Larson is not opposed to posting the customary social media photos to show off her hard work. On Wednesday, the Oscar winner did just that with a notable caption: “My hobby appears to be taking up new hobbies.”

Larson then posted two photos of herself enjoying some archery, and her back muscles are looking mighty ripped.

She certainly comes by the accomplishment honestly. One of Larson’s most popular Instagram posts shows off this painful looking maneuver (below). Yeah, it’s no wonder she could go up against the Mad Titan like no other Avenger (not even Thor).

Speaking of other Avengers, however, responses to Larson’s day of archery led to a lot of remarks about Clint Barton/Hawkeye. Granted, there’s some fun that could be had with this association, since Disney+’s new Hawkeye series is coming soon with Hailee Stanfield on board as Kate Bishop and Florence Pugh bringing Yelena Belova to liven up the party. No one has suggested, yet, that Captain Marvel will be making an appearance, and it’s worth noting that Larson called archery a “hobby,” not work prep. Sometimes, photos are only photos! Still, the Hawkeye jokes rolled into her replies.