Let This Bunny In A Wheelchair Brighten Up Your Dreary Tuesday

I can’t promise this will be the best bunny in a wheelchair story you’ll ever see in your life, but it will certainly be the finest one you’ll come across today.

The rabbit in the video is named Bertha, and she suffers from hip dysplasia. Her hips collapsed a few months ago, causing paralysis in her hind legs. Veterinarians told her owner, Melanie James, that putting her down might be the best option. Pretty sad stuff. Luckily for the bunny, James is the owner of an animal sanctuary, and decided to do whatever she could to keep Bertha hopping.

James ended up creating a custom wheelchair for her furry companion. In her YouTube video, she says, “It’s actually a puppy wheelchair that’s been adapted to fit Bertha, and hopefully, within the not-too-distant future, she will regain mobility herself.”

James went on to say, “The vet and myself can’t believe how well the wheelchair is actually working! So, fingers crossed, and everything else crossed, that it’ll go according to plan.”

Hopefully Bertha will be as happy with her wheelchair, as these dogs are with theirs.

(Via Mashable)