Cara Delevingne Seems Fun, Flashes Friends In This Parking Lot

You’re probably going to be hearing about Cara Delevingne a lot more in the future. She’s playing Enchantress in Suicide Squad, is an excellent beat boxer, won’t take anyone’s guff about her bisexuality, has an awesome English accent, and just generally seems like a fun person, as evidenced by this video of her dancing, grinding, and flashing a friend in a parking lot. Perhaps she was celebrating the opening of Paper Towns or the hugely-successful Comic-Con outing for Suicide Squad. Or perhaps flashing friends is just a weekly occurrence when you’re that gorgeous. Hey, why not? I would.

The video was shot in Santa Monica, Calif., and the people filming it are quite the peanut gallery. Our favorites are the guy who can only whisper “Oh my God” when her skirt flips up and the girl who says, “I want to be her friend.” Agreed, random onlooker. Agreed.

(Via the Mirror)