Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter Called Out Her Father And Trump For Spreading Lies About Joe Biden’s Son

In the aftermath of the first presidential debate, supporters of both President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden have taken to Twitter to rehash some of the biggest talking points. And because no one’s figured out how to change Rudy Giuliani’s password to lock him out of his social media accounts, the former New York City mayor has crowned himself the leader of Trump’s conspiracy-theorist cheer squad.

Giuliani, who just yesterday horrified Fox & Friends hosts by braying endless about Biden mental fitness, fired up the old keyboard to take shots at Biden’s son, Hunter.

Trump and his supporters have been obsessed with Hunter Biden — a lawyer and investment advisor — for a while now but during the debate the president insulted Biden by launching unsubstantiated accusations against Hunter and his overseas business dealings. (Again, the irony.) And Giuliani echoed Trump’s accusations on Twitter.

But there was one person who was just fed up with Giuliani’s Twitter ranting and that person just happened to be his daughter, who didn’t mind quote-tweeting her dear old dad before ripping into him.

Caroline Giuliani has made it clear she does not agree with her father’s politics in the past, but this latest Tweet felt especially pointed considering she herself has been in the spotlight because of her dad’s political career.

Thoughts and prayers to Caroline Giuliani because Thanksgiving this year is going to be rough.