This Cat Seems Really Psyched About 2016 Being The Year Of The Monkey

2016 is the Year Of The Monkey in the Chinese zodiac calendar, so YouTube cat hoarder 10 Cats celebrated by convincing a cat to dress as a monkey. Between this and drunk Don Lemon and Twitter roasting Jenny McCarthy, 2016 is already starting right.

We can’t help but giggle at this awfully patient ginger tabby cat named Osamu willing to go to embarrassing lengths to get a banana. How’d you let it come to this, Osamu? Then again, if the way my cat reacts when she smells banana cream pudding is any indication, bananas have the power to make cats temporarily forego any sense of self-respect and hurtle headlong into “I will wear a damn monkey costume if you give me that” mode.

At some point — perhaps when two other cats give Osamu the “what are you wearing?” look — this monkey-suited tabby seems to have a moment of reflection, an existential crisis almost. As if the cat is pondering, “Am I wearing the monkey suit, or is the monkey suit wearing me?”

Happy Year Of The Monkey, everyone. We hope the monkey suit doesn’t wear you.

(Via 10 Cats and Tastefully Offensive)