Felines Be Shoppin’ In This Amazing Internet Cat Video-Themed German Grocery Store Commercial

This commercial for the German grocery store chain Netto Marken-Discount, which serves primarily south and west Germany, has gone incredibly viral since it was uploaded to YouTube just one day ago. And there’s a good reason for that, because the minute and 15 second spot taps into the one thing that has kept the internet chugging along since its creation: cat videos!

At first glance, the commercial may seem to feature a bunch of zany cats let loose on a miniature grocery store. However, upon careful inspection, the cats are actually very strategically spoofing some of the internet’s most popular videos. Here’s what I was able to pick out:

All they’re missing is Roomba Cat, Grumpy Cat and Lil’ Bub… Although the latter two are likely above Netto Marken-Discount’s pay grade, anyway.

As to why a grocery store, of all things, would use cats to advertise itself, the YouTube description offers the following insight, as helpfully translated by Google:

Meow! In our Netto Schels are the cats go! Enjoy funny cats in net market! See our video on how to buy our playful pets at net. In this sweet cats slip through the shelves and push the cart in front of them. Whether Veggie mice or the favorite tuna – at net there is the perfect choice for the funny cat today. About as reasonable prices just happy all.

Well, that clears that up, then. Now excuse me while I go watch this twenty more times.