Chace Crawford’s Got An Enormous Bulge In A Calendar For ‘The Boys,’ And People Have Definitely Noticed


(Warning: Minor The Boys spoilers below.)

Chace Crawford is currently starring in Amazon’s The Boys series about a ragtag group of vigilantes who are on a mission to keep corrupt and sleazy superheroes in check. In the series, Crawford stars as one of the aforementioned “supes” who goes by The Deep, in that he can breathe underwater with gills and also has the ability to communicate with aquatic life.

Initially, The Deep is presented as a real scumbag — which is not inaccurate, given that he sexually assaults a new, young female recruit in literally the first scene he’s introduced. However it’s eventually revealed the general lack of respect he commands among his colleagues and he even elicits a modicum of sympathy in a tragic yet highly comedic side story.

In any event, The Deep has been lauded by some as the most interesting character of the series by the end of the first season, which may be why Amazon recently sent out a jokey 2020 promotional calendar to members of the media featuring the character in 12 months of bright and splashy (pun not intended) pictorials.

Yet, some who received the calendar couldn’t help noticing that the month of March is looking very, uh … up? Entertainment writer Evan Ross Katz pointed out the month’s spread on Instagram, and Crawford’s manly bulge in The Deep’s Spandex bodysuit is pretty distracting.

Yep, that’s a penis all right!

As the image began making its way around social media, others likewise had observations and jokes. (And you better believe there was a Shape of Water meme!)

But this isn’t the first time The Deep’s trouser eel has been forecast in promotional imagery, as you can see in an Instagram post Crawford previously shared, below.

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Fridayyyyy 👊

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The Boys is already in production of its second season, which will likely premiere next year, so 2020 is indeed already looking very “sunglasses face emoji.”