A Chicago Alderman Was Almost Killed By A Squirrel After Warning Residents About Squirrels

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A Chicago alderman, who had previously warned the city about the dangers of “aggressive squirrels,” got into a bicycle accident after coming into contact with one of his adversaries.

Alderman Howard Brookins was enjoying a brisk bike ride on a trail in Lemont, Illinois until he came face-to-face with his arch rival. Brookins was caught off guard as the rogue squirrel jumped out of the bushes and then lodged itself in his spokes, causing Brookins to fly over his handlebars. Brookins took a nasty spill, as the Chicago Tribune noted he will need surgery for a broken nose, fractured skull and had five or six teeth knocked out. The Alderman took a picture of his mangled bike after the accident. Animal lovers may be a little squeamish of the picture:

This may seem like a freak bike accident, but there is a deep-rooted history. In October, Brookins argued to the city about “supersized squirrels” that were sifting through resident’s garbage cans, causing a nuisance around Chicago. He had called for a crackdown, which the city’s squirrels may have heard about and possibly planned a revenge attack.

In an ultimate sense of irony, the squirrels have put a halt to his city-wide crackdown as the Chicago alderman’s recovery will mean he will not be able to attend any ward or neighborhood events for the near future, as doctors told him he could see months of recovery. Brookins, in a half joking manner, told the Tribune, the squirrels had it out for him:

“I can think of no other reason for this squirrel’s actions than that it was like suicide bomber, getting revenge. Some lady came along the trail and found me lying there next to my bicycle and called 911. I only saw the squirrel when I came to and saw it stuck in the wheel…I could have broken my neck.”

Brookins latest brush with squirrels is another installment of the animals uprising, as the state of Florida is seeing a rise in squirrel attacks. And Brookins isn’t taking any chances for a repeat attack joking, “I’m calling animal control” if they come to his home.

(Via NPR & Chicago Tribune)

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