Chris Christie Is Once Again Absolutely Unloading On ‘Self-Centered,’ ‘Angry Old Man’ Donald Trump

Some current GOP presidential candidates try to thread the needle, pitching themselves as a Donald Trump alternative while not enraging his base. Chris Christie ain’t doing that. From the start, his campaign has been about one thing: absolutely thrashing his ex-pal. He’s called him out on all his many alleged crimes. He’s called him out for planning to skip the debates. He’s called him out for begging for money when he purportedly has plenty of it. And Christie isn’t running out of steam.

In a new segment on Christie by CBS’ Robert Costa (as caught by Mediaite), the former New Jersey governor — who’s not so hot either, don’t forget — can be seen telling a crowd what he really thinks about Trump.

“I oppose him for his incompetence,” he railed. “I oppose him for his broken promises before we ever get to any of the criminal indictments.”

When Costa asked Christie what he really thinks about Trump, he again spoke his mind.

“He’s a completely self-centered, self-possessed, self-consumed, angry old man, and he doesn’t care about anybody else other than him,” Christie replied. “And if he were ever to become president again, I’ll take him at his word. He said, ‘I am your retribution.’ Well, he’s not our retribution, Bob. He will be his own retribution.”

When asked why other GOP candidates don’t tear into Trump, he had another blunt answer.

“I think it’s one of two things,” he said. “They’re either unwilling to do it because they have aspirations, maybe a vice presidential bid or a Trump cabinet, and some of them are just unable to do it.”

Still, Christie denied that he’s a flip-flopper, at least when it comes to someone with whom he once worked.

“Trump abandoned me,” Christie said. “I’m no different today than I was when I supported him in 2016. He’s the one who kept classified documents against the law, lied to his lawyers, and lied to the government. I had nothing to do with any of that. He did.”

(Via Mediaite)