Chris Christie Is Sending A Message To Trump For Not Being Brave Enough To Show Up To The GOP Debates

Chris Christie famously prepped Trump for some of his debates against Joe Biden. So, it would be quite something to see them face off (again) for 2024 GOP primary debates, but Trump has refused to do so. His team put out the message that he’s the clear frontrunner and doesn’t need to, thank you very much, but it also sounds like he might be afraid to defend his abysmal record (and those indictments).

As a result, Chris Christie is pretty darn amused, but he’s still challenging Trump to show up. “Makes my life even better, because then I won’t have to talk over him,” the ex-NJ governor quipped. “He loves to interrupt everybody, so my biggest debate prep would be to get my voice even louder than his, so I could talk over him. Look, I’m going to talk about Trump and his record whether he’s on the stage or not, so my suggestion is to get on the stage, so there’s going to be somebody there to defend why you didn’t build any more than 52 miles of wall in four years. And that Mexico hasn’t paid for it.”

Fair enough. That “big beautiful wall” never really materialized, and Trump also wanted to put cows on ladders or something? The wall failure is probably much more embarrassing for Trump than his troubles with the law. He will blame everyone but himself for all of it, but Christie would still drag him all the way. This would be even more fun to watch than the supposed Zuck-Musk cage fight. Speaking of which, Christie previously declared, “The guy’s 78 years old. I’d kick his ass.” That’s probably (and bizarrely) true.