Chris Christie Pointed Out The ‘Real Difference’ Between Melania And Donald Trump After His COVID Diagnosis

Donald Trump and Chris Christie can’t ever seem to agree for long on whether they’re frenemies or straight-up enemies. The former Republican primary rivals previously made nice, which led to Christie making a Hostage Face while backing up his “friend” on Super Tuesday, but that eventually caved to a massively petty feud after Christie contracted COVID while coaching Trump for a reelection debate. Christie subsequently criticized Trump’s sit-back-and-see-what-happens approach to COVID, and that’s led to more ugliness, including a new revelation from the former New Jersey governor: Trump actually asked if Christie would publicly blame him for catching COVID.

Not only that, but Christie appeared on The View, where he reiterated that, yep, Trump really was only worried about how this would all reflect on him politically. The M&M strategist also revealed that Trump was like, “How do tough guys like us get this?” And then Christie acknowledged that Melania’s behavior was the precise opposite, and she periodically called him in the hospital:

“And a real contrast, by the way, Sunny, to his wife, who called me every day that I was in the ICU, first thing in the morning, to see how I was doing. And then would call my wife after that to see if she needed anything…. A real contrast between the couple.”

Here’s a clip of that moment:

That’s something, especially in light of previous reports that Melania didn’t give a sh*t about the Jan. 6 insurrection as it happened. Yet by Christie’s account, he knew a very different person and perhaps more significantly, a person who’s very different (when it comes to empathy for a friend) than her husband. Whereas Trump previously declared that Christie’s “spittle” was visible during their debate prep, and that he “tried to duck from the droplets, according to Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury book from summer 2021.