Chris Christie Said Trump Is Too Afraid To ‘Break A Fingernail’ To Have Ever Joined The Jan. 6 Rioters

Since launching his presidential campaign in early June, Chris Christie has mostly talked about one thing: Donald Trump. He has nothing good to say, and why should he? He’s known the guy for two decades. He’s kept up his attacks at about the same level of intensity. In return, Trump has made weight jokes. But that’s okay because Christie is basically calling him a pussy.

At a recent town hall in New Hampshire, the former New Jersey governor tried to disabuse any MAGA heads of the notion that Trump is some tough guy who would have joined the Capitol rioters on Jan. 6.

“Now let me tell you everybody,” Christie said, “I’ve known him for 22 years, if there is the slightest danger that he would break a fingernail, he ain’t going. Not going.”

Christie also dragged the big guy for one of his more bizarre lines about his ever-growing list of indictments: that they’re really coming for them, but he’s in the way. Christie began by talking about how he spent last Thursday, namely observing Russian war atrocities in Ukraine. What was Trump doing then? Getting arraigned, again.

“As I’m walking around Ukraine, he’s waltzing into a courtroom in Washington, D.C. to tell us that he’s being indicted for us,” Christie told the crowd.

“For us,” he said, emphasizing that last word. “How lucky are we that we have such a selfless, magnanimous leader that, because you know that the government was coming to get you, and on their way to get you, low and behold they came across Donald Trump, and they said, ‘OK, we won’t get you, we’ll take him, for you.’”

Christie then reminded the crowd that none of them had been accused, much less committed, the crimes for which Trump has been indicted.

“Except I don’t think anybody in this room tonight I suspect, invited people to come to Washington on January 6, 2021, and told them it was going to be wild,” he said. “I don’t suspect anybody in this room stood in front of that audience that day and told them that the 2020 election had been stolen when he knew that it happened. I don’t suspect any of you in this room, told the people gathered there that day, to march to Capitol Hill, that he was gonna go with him.”

In the meantime, Trump is such a tough cookie that he’s skipping out on the GOP primary debates, as Christie has also enjoyed pointing out. After all, if he did he’d probably have to deal with a longtime buddy who’ll ask him to his face why he keeps ripping off his supporters.

(Via Raw Story)