Chris Christie Got Testy With Eric Bolling While Discussing Trump’s Jan. 6 Indictment: ‘Are You A Psychiatrist Today?’

Chris Christie got fed up with Eric Bolling‘s line of questioning while discussing Donald Trump‘s pending January 6 indictment. The former New Jersey governor stopped by Newsmax on Tuesday night where he offered his thoughts on Trump’s predicament. However, things turned testy when Bolling asked Christie why he’s even in the presidential race despite polling in the single digits.

“Is it to take out Donald Trump or Chris Christie is sort of fulfilling some sort of, I don’t know, emotional void you’re looking for?” Bolling asked, to which Christie shot back, “Eric, are you a psychiatrist today? If you’re a psychiatrist, spend more time on the former president than you will on me.”

As for the topic of Trump, Christie doesn’t believe that the former president specifically wanted to overthrow the government, but he would’ve been fine if that was the end result of the January 6 riot.

“Quite frankly, I don’t think he cared one way or the other. I think what he wanted was to stay in office,” Christie said before blasting Trump’s disregard for the Constitution.

Via The Wrap:

Christie argued that Trump was attempting to “stall the peaceful transition of power and he said as much later on when he said that it’s okay to suspend the Constitution.”

“You can’t take an oath,” Christie continued, “say you’re going to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and then say it’s OK to suspend it.”

Christie did, however, opine that if Trump was actually serious about overthrowing the government, he would’ve breached the Capitol with his MAGA supporters. Instead, Trump “went nowhere near it.”

(Via The Wrap)