Chrissy Teigen Got Dragged Over An ‘Unrelatable’ Tweet Involving A Super-Expensive Bottle Of Wine

Chrissy Teigen is good at Twitter. She’s also fabulously, unimaginably wealthy. So while she hobnobs with the masses on social media, she also lives a very different life than almost everyone. That was made abundantly clear on Wednesday, when what began as what seemed like a simple prompt — the kinds that yield thousands and thousands of quote-tweets, with hyper-personal responses — turned her into one of the “main characters” of Twitter for a day. That’s to say, she went viral for the wrong reasons.

It began innocently. Teigen thought she had a solid prompt tweet, writing, “what’s the most expensive thing you’ve eaten that you thought sucked?” On a second glance, it’s not the greatest prompt tweet, which tend to be relatable to almost everyone, whereas this one implies that you could at some point afford something deemed “expensive.” But she would have maybe gotten away with it had she not offered her own response.

“one time john” — she wrote, referring to her husband, John Legend — “and I were at a restaurant and the waiter recommended a nice Cabernet. We got the bill and it was 13,000 dollars. HOW DO U CASUALLY RECOMMEND THAT WINE. we didn’t even finish it and it had been cleared!!!”

Teigen tried to make it relatable, with its all-caps bewilderment and suggestion that $13,000 seemed like a lot to a famous model, TV personality, and entrepreneur married to one of the most successful musicians alive. But people did not find it relatable. And so Teigen got aggressively quote-tweeted, but not for the reasons she had hoped.

Some took the waiter’s side.

There were even Parasite jokes.

Eventually Teigen — who, again, is usually good at Twitter — checked back in, attempting damage control, of sorts.

She did, however, have her defenders.