‘The Claire Danes Cry Face Project’ Tumblr Is Much Funnier Than It Sounds

Claire Danes might be the best actress on TV.

Her role as Carrie Mathison on Showtime’s Homeland has provided her a chance to show off all her talents: she’s brilliant, yet insane; gorgeous, yet frail; composed, yet unstable; and you’re never quite sure when (if?) she has all her marbles. Plus, she cries a lot. Like, non-stop Adele a lot, something Danes has been a pro at ever since the early 1990s, when she appeared in My So-Called Life (Brian > Jordan) and Little Women.

Some very smart people decided to put together a collection of her finest tear-soaked scenes on Tumblr, a series they’ve dubbed “The Claire Danes Cry Face Project.” Their goal: “When Claire Danes cries on film, we document it.” That they have, and for doing so, we’d like to say: HOLLA.