Crazy Actors Christian Bale And Nicholas Cage To Play Crazy Inventors Nikola Tesla And Thomas Edison

Yup. Rumor is Christian Bale and Nic Cage are going to be in a movie together. One about the feud between Tesla and Edison no less. Oh, and Cage will be playing Edison. Bring it on.

The movie will reportedly be called Tesla, Ruler of the World, and will revolve around a modern-day technological crisis that somehow ties back to Tesla’s life. Hopefully the modern-day stuff is just a brief framing device, because this movie needs to devote as much of its running time to Bale and Cage shouting at each other as possible.

I do feel sorry for whoever has to direct this thing. Between Nic Cage insisting every one of the hundreds of wigs, fake beards and merkins he’ll wear in the movie be blessed by a team of alchemists and shamans and Bale beating all the cameramen to death, each scene will take a minimum of a week to film.

Oh, also, Christian Bale looks so much like Tesla it’s kind of scary…


 via The Film Stage