Watch This Crazy Woman Do Donuts In A Busy Intersection Before Flipping Her Car Down A Hill

A bystander caught video in Gastonia, North Carolina of a woman seemingly out of her damn mind doing donuts in the middle of a busy intersection. In the first couple of minutes, the woman seems to be playing it somewhat safe. However, when a police officer shows up around the two-and-a-half minute mark, it really seems to antagonize her, as she then rams into the police car several times, as well as any cars that dare try to make it through the intersection.

Unfortunately, when a second officer shows up at the scene and the action really seems to heat up, the cameraman seems to forget his very important job of filming the unfolding spectacle. He then points his phone at the ground while screaming his blood lust for the cops to shoot, as the lady careens her car off the side of the road, flipping it down a hill and taking out a fire hydrant with her. After she’s finally pulled out of her car and restrained, the woman can be heard yelling something about being bullied.

Thankfully, another angle has surfaced, filmed by one of the students on the bus in the first video, which captures the crucial moments right before the woman drives off the hill. Whether it’s mental illness or substance abuse or something else, hopefully she gets the help she needs.

(Via Reddit)

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