A Rightwing Congressional Hopeful Is Getting Torched For Saying A Gay Character In ‘Cruella’ Has ‘Ruined’ His Childhood

Rightwingers didn’t have a very chill Memorial Day weekend. Fox News tried to turn an innocuous tweet by Kamala Harris into a culture war firestorm. Texas Republicans stayed up late Saturday pushing through legislation to make voting more difficult. There was even a QAnon conference. Then there’s congressional hopeful Omar Navarro, who got really, really mad when a Disney spin-off dared feature an out-and-proud gay character.

Navarro isn’t that well-known. He is, in fact, what one calls a “perennial candidate,” which is to say a politician who frequently runs for office and rarely, if ever, wins. Indeed, Navarro’s claim to fame is that he has thrice been defeated by 15-term California representative Maxine Waters, who is also the most senior of the 12 black people serving in Congress. But on Memorial Day itself, he became better known as the guy who got mocked for dropping some old school homophobia about a Disney movie.

“The new Disney Cruella with Emma Stone just ruined my childhood with an openly flamboyant gay in the movie,” wrote Navarro. “Disney persist shoving the LGBT agenda down our throat.”

This isn’t the first time Navarro has clutched his pearls over an LGBTQ+ character in Disney content. According to Pink News, in 2019 he came for the Disney Channel show The Owl House after it introduced a bisexual character.

“I don’t agree with this crap being pushed down our throats,” he wrote, using similar language. “What people do at home is there business but publicly I shouldn’t have to be forced.” He added, “Will Christians please stand up?”

He also served six months in prison after violating a restraining order against an ex-girlfriend, who claimed he was stalking her.

Navarro’s tweet was quick to earn the scorn and mockery of social media.

Some pelted him with the far right’s favorite insult: snowflake.

Some pointed out that Cruella De Vil is not exactly a role model whose reputation can be sullied.

Others dwelled on his weird use of sexual imagery.

And others were newly enraged at the wing of Star Wars and Ghosbusters fans who introduced the words “ruined my childhood” into the cultural lexicon.

That said, Navarro’s tweet did make some people actually want to watch Cruella.

Cruella is now in theaters and can now be streamed, for about $30, on Disney+. Navarro, meanwhile, is planning to run against Maxine Waters, again, in 2022. Maybe fourth time’s the charm!

(Via Pink News)