This Dad Totally Freaks His Son Out Using His Tesla’s Summon Feature

What sets man apart from the rest of the animal kingdom? Technology. Or, more accurately, the ability to use technology to scare the crap out of our unsuspecting offspring.

Take this dad, who decided to play a prank on his young son by making use of his Tesla’s Summon feature. Earlier this year, the automotive company unveiled the new upgrade which allows owners of its Model X and Model T electric cars to click a button on their key fob enabling the vehicle to enter and exit parking spaces on its own.

Self-driving cars are the wave of the future but, ironically enough, the next generation is completely unaware of that fact as evidenced by this kid’s reaction when his dad activates the autonomous mode. Strapped in and ready to go, the young boy notices something’s amiss when the car turns on and begins pulling out of his family’s garage — minus his dad in the driver’s seat.

He politely asks the car to stop before unbuckling his seat belt, frantically calling out for his parental figure and shouting at the vehicle, thus undergoing full panic mode (Apparently, grabbing the wheel or stepping on the brakes would be just too easy).

Dad eventually emerges looking pretty pleased with himself for causing his young son to nearly go into cardiac arrest and, if you listen closely, it sounds like mom was in on the gag as well.

Adults using technology to play Youtube-worthy pranks on teenagers? My how the tables have turned.