Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian’s Game Trailer Is Chock Full Of Lady Zombies

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Instagram King Dan Bilzerian has stayed low(er) key lately, but still finds time to post photos like this one, which shows off the twin trappings of extreme wealth and thong-clad ladies. The bearded bro wonder recently trained with Lance Armstrong for a 48-hour bike race between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Bilzerian may have learned a little cheating action from his mentor because he won a $600,000 bet by allegedly drafting behind a van to make his pseudo-heroic feat much easier.

Bilzerian also got lazy with the supposed presidential campaign of his and “dropped out” before the party got started. That’s a shame. Can you imagine this guy and Donald Trump duking it out during debates? They’re actually fast friends, but Trump never shows mercy with any opponent, and a Bilzerian bid would have made this race even more ridiculous. Maybe next time.

At the moment, the social-media titan is indulging his well-documented gaming habit by releasing a new iOS and Android game called Save Dan. The trailer reveals — to no one’s surprise — that the game is filled with Bilzerian’s favorite things, guns and tushes. The first official trailer from Novasoft Games encourages users to save Bilzerian from attractive bikini ladies who turn into zombies. I guess no matter whether you fight the zombies or let them have their way, this is a win-win situation.

Lighten up, Francis. It’s only a game.