Dan Harmon Is Leaving Twitter For A Bit After Accidentally Scaring The Heck Out Of Everyone

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Community and Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon is rather well-known for his use of Twitter. Back in January, he engaged with Community writer Megan Ganz, to whom he apologized for allegedly inappropriate behavior in that show’s writer’s room. Not all of Harmon’s interactions on the website have been as high-profile or controversial, of course, and many of his back-and-forths with Rick and Morty fans have resulted in hugely positive conversations. Yet things seemingly took a turn for the worst on Monday when he wrote “sorry about everything by for a long time I love you” in a since-deleted tweet.

Via Dan Harmon on Twitter

Needless to say, Harmon’s followers were freaked out by the concise tweet, including friend and fellow television writer Bill Prady. The Big Bang Theory‘s co-creator reached out to Harmon privately to let him know just how dire his original tweet was being interpreted (especially in the wake of high-profile suicides like that of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain), prompting its deletion and replacement for a string of more detailed (and humorous) tweets announcing that he’s merely taking a “break” from social media.

“Oh God I really have to get better at my ‘leaving Twitter for a while’ tweets, I’m sorry. Deleted that one. I’m leaving Twitter for a while! Not the other thing! Thank god @billprady texted me. I’m taking a twitter break! I love my life! I ordered a Tesla, I’m sticking around.”

Harmon concluded his momentary Twitter departure with a screenshot of the “adorable exchange” between Prady and himself, as well as a promise not to leave Instagram anytime soon.