Danny Trejo Cuddling With His Dogs Is The Feel-Good Video That’ll Make Any Day Better

There’s a lot going on right these days in the world, and these things aren’t so comforting. You know what I’m talking about: a pandemic, a war breaking out, legal battles between former spouses who happen to be celebrities. It’s been a little rough to stomach it all, to say the very least, but at least we can look at videos of cute doggies.

Not only that, but there’s now a video of Danny Trejo, the tough guy (and taco mogul) who has launched a zillion villainous expressions and poses, playing with his dogs. Isn’t it about time that you pause and enjoy the finer things in life, as well as something that isn’t going to stress you out and give you a headache?

Well, get down with this video that Trejo made (for Whistle Sports). And he has a very simple concept with which he works: “I don’t like people that don’t like dogs!” He also thinks cats are too spoiled, and he’s not wrong. Enjoy:

That’s all, really. Sometimes it helps to pause and have a cuddle with furry friends. Even the leading man of Machete needs that unconditional love from a pet who will jump and down when you come home after being outside for only a few minutes. After all, you can always get back to stressing out tomorrow.