Danny Trejo Has A Great Explanation For Why He’s Not Interested In Kamala Harris’ Senate Seat

On Friday morning, L.A Times columnist Gustavo Arellano argued that beloved actor Danny Trejo should be on the short list of candidates for Kamala Harris‘ soon-to-be-vacated senate seat. “He’s the epitome of someone who pulled themselves up from their proverbial bootstraps and showed anything is possible if you just grind,” Arrelano wrote. While Trejo was flattered by the idea, he opened up to IndieWire about how he prefers being on the frontlines and that he’s an even bigger believer in not mixing celebrities and politics after Trump:

Listen, I leave all that stuff to the politicians. I’ve been asked a couple of times to run for councilman and stuff like that. I honestly believe that politicians have to be ‘A’ students in government. We’ve had so much problem in the United States by voting in celebrities. Look where we’re at right now! I’d rather be on the frontlines serving the police, serving the special needs, feeding the homeless, feeding the protestors, and kicking the looters in the ass. [laughs]

While Trejo has his issues with how the government runs and believes he can get more work done on the ground (the Machete star is very active in his community) he isn’t entirely apolitical. During the interview, he openly states that he’s a Democrat. “We’re working people,” Trejo says. “Most Democrats are working people.” The actor also believes in climate change initiatives and hopes that Joe Biden will do a better job managing the coronavirus. But when it comes to the fact that some of his fans might have voted for Trump, Trejo has his own special way of keeping things civil. “I tell my Republican friends, ‘Hey, we don’t discuss politics or I’ll beat you.'” Granted, he laughed after saying that, but we have a feeling he wasn’t joking.

(Via IndieWire)