‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shooter Was On Adult Friend Finder, Asked ‘Will You Visit Me In Prison?’

The Internet is very, very quiet this morning, as most people are still trying to make sense of a tragedy that makes no f*cking sense. But here’s what we do know: James Holmes is a 24-year-old doctoral student and “normal dude” who likely took a lot of Vicodin before heading into an Aurora, Colorado movie theater. The rest of his story — like how he could do something unthinkably awful — is still being worked out.

TMZ did some very TMZ-like digging, and found that Holmes has an Adult Friend Finder page.

“Holmes” created the profile on AdultFriendFinder.com July 5 — and included a picture of himself with reddish, orange hair…just as officials in Aurora, CO said he looked when he was apprehended Friday morning.

“Holmes” — who used the screen name classicjimbo — included a cryptic message on the top of the profile which reads, “Will you visit me in prison?” (Via)

His account — which also reveals his “male endowment” as “short/average” — has since been taken down, which is what I wish could be done to this distasteful MSNBC animated recreation of the shooting spree.

Thanks, MSNBC, wouldn’t have known what a grey blob wearing body armor throwing smoke bombs at other grey blobs would have looked like without you.