WWE's Dave Bautista Joins 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (Plus An Important Rocket Raccoon Update)

And no, Dave Bautista won’t be playing Rocket Raccoon. THR broke the news that mixed martial artist and WWE wrestler-cum-actor Dave Bautista will play Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s relatively new to acting (if you don’t count wrestling as acting…). He recently played heavies in both The Man With the Iron Fists and in the Riddick movie releasing this September. Bautista beat out Jason Momoa, Isiah Mustafa, and Brian Patrick to play the muscle to Chris Pratt‘s Star-Lord.

Galaxy centers on Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Pratt), a U.S. pilot who ends up in space in the middle of a universal conflict and goes on the run with futuristic ex-cons who have something everyone wants, according to the plot description. Drax is a human resurrected as a green warrior for the sole purpose of killing Thanos (the villain in the final-scene tease of Avengers). His powers include flight, super-strength and energy blasts. [THR]

Director James Gunn still has to cast the roles of Groot (a tree man), Gamora (the last of her species), and Rocket Raccoon (a genetically-engineered talking raccoon who is an expert with artillery and explosives). We already know who he should cast as Rocket Raccoon.


(H/T: CBM)