Detective Pikachu’s Voice Is Leaving ‘Pokemon’ Fans Scratching Their Heads

Pikachu is loved across the world as one of the cutest and most loyal creatures to ever come out of a tiny ball. He’s the face of a gaming generation, he’s every kid’s dream best pal, but he also seems to have fallen on hard times and looks to collaborate with Tom Waits if his gravelly new Detective Pikachu voice is any indication.

After months of hype and speculation around the latest ultra-popular Pokemon offering, fans are simultaneously thrilled that the game finally has an official trailer, but more than a little disturbed at Pikachu’s possible side-gig as a voiceover artist and/or grizzled veteran of the private investigation world. Listen to that growl. That’s a Pikachu that has seen some sh*t.

So not only are fans shocked to finally hear Pikachu with a human voice saying more than “Pikachu,” but we have this man inside Pikachu’s body who seemingly at any moment is going to tell his family that he’s going for a cigarette run. It’s truly bizarre, this stylistic choice. We get that Detective Pikachu is supposed to turn the corner from kids game into something even older fans can get into, but did they really need to go full-Blade Runner to pull off a Detective Pikachu?

And will this be what Ryan Reynolds sounds like in the upcoming movie?