‘Disney Ruined’ Is Destroying Your Childhood Memories One Vine At A Time

Sometimes the things that you love so dearly as a child aren’t so wholesome when you go back and re-watch them as an adult. In most Disney movies, there are unnoticed sexual innuendos, some storylines that don’t make clear sense, and off color jokes that only adults will understand when watching with their kids. Most of those can of course be found in Aladdin, since the late great Robin Williams had a lot of fun sneaking in some more adult jokes than might otherwise be allowed in a children’s movie.

Now, the Vine account “Disney Ruined” is taking things to the next level with some unnecessary censorship of classic Disney animated film scenes. The concept pushes things farther than the usual game of pointing out the inappropriate jokes that are already in the movies by adding in fake swearing and innuendos. Scenes like Jasmine meeting Prince Ali (AKA street rat Aladdin) by the fountain for the first time are punctuated with bleeps and blurs that make it seem as if Jasmine has a dirty mouth and a dirtier mind.

Many of your favorites are included, even recent films like Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen.

The fun even extends to the underrated and little-watched The Lion King 2. That sequel would probably be made much better by adding in adult material and a few swear words.

Watch more vines at the account’s main page at your own risk, because you really won’t be able to watch these movies again without thinking about what it would be like for a Disney movie to be rated a hard R.

(via BroBible)