Toby Kebbell Cast As Doctor Doom In 'Fantastic Four', Which Is Two Movies Now

Variety reports Toby Kebbell (Prince of Persia, Warcraft, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) will play Victor von Doom in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot. His breakout role in RocknRolla caught studio execs’ attention, leading to several auditions. Kebbell was nearly cast as Tetsuo in the thankfully-derailed Akira adaptation and was beat out by James McAvoy for the role of Victor von Frankenstein in Fox’s obligatory version of he public domain story. It worked out, though, as he’ll be playing a different “Victor von Something” who tries to play God.

Variety also says the sequel to Fantastic Four will arrive in 2017, two years after the first movie. This is news to us, and maybe Fox should see if the movie makes money before setting a release date for a sequel.

The Wrap reveals another character we can expect to see in Fantastic Four:

Now that Trank and producers Simon Kinberg and Matthew Vaughn have found their Dr. Doom, the trio will start searching for another medical expert, as an individual familiar with the project told TheWrap that Dr. Franklin Storm is expected to appear in the movie. Dr. Storm is a surgeon who was Sue Storm and Johnny Storm’s biological father.

We’re reasonably certain this movie’s version of Franklin Storm won’t be the biological father to both Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan. Unless… hear me out here. Unless they find a way to make it possible while doing a crossover with another Fox property

I’m going to have to eventually apologize for this joke, aren’t I? #CancelRoboPanda