‘Doctor Strange’ Loses Joaquin Phoenix As Marvel Goes Back To The Drawing Board

There’s been no shortage of Doctor Strange casting rumors. And the market is still not saturated with them, because Joaquin Phoenix bailed and Marvel is rumored to be back to asking around.

It’s a little hard to believe that a Marvel movie is having trouble finding somebody willing to grow a goatee, but casting the Sorcerer Supreme is apparently a lot harder than it looks. Here’s what Deadline claims to know about the matter:

Don’t believe these talks that Boyhood‘s Ethan Hawke has made a deal to play the character; I’m told reliably that that is speculation run wild. I understand Marvel’s belief that Phoenix would have been great for that role, in keeping with putting solid actors in those hero roles.

Marvel’s testicles are rather close to the bandsaw on this one, though. They’ve already locked in a release date and have booked studio time. Every day somebody isn’t cast is a day the production loses to make a better movie, and also costs Marvel money.

Realistically, at this point Marvel needs to start thinking outside of the “white guys who are known for wearing goatees” area of casting. Either that or just give up and really cast Ethan Hawke.