‘The Daily Show’ Channels ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ To Hilariously Investigate If Don Jr. Knows Who His Father Is

The Daily Show tore into Donald Trump, Jr. on Thursday night with an Unsolved Mysteries-style investigation into whether Don Jr. knows his father is Donald Trump. In the hilarious segment, Roy Wood, Jr. highlights how often Don Jr. will go on Fox News or Twitter to criticize political opponents while acting completely oblivious to the fact that these are things his own family is guilty of.

One example: Don Jr. has been making a huge deal out of the fact that several women have accused Governor Andrew Cuomo of misconduct and even went so far as to call Cuomo “the biggest predator in American politics.” This is particularly ironic given the fact that over 16 women have accused the former president of sexual assault, which prompted Wood to investigate the mysterious occurrence of when “Don Jr. started talking like a man who had no damn idea that Donald Trump is his daddy.”

Don Jr. also has a habit of going after President Joe Biden’s son Hunter and accusing him of using his family name to get rich, which is literally Don Jr.’s entire situation. “This is like the Kool-Aid Man complaining about other people crashing through walls and leaving Kool-Aid Man-sized holes,” Wood says before asking a very good question at this point: “Does Donald Trump Jr. not know what the word ‘Junior’ means?”

Furthering his claim that Don Jr. has no idea who his daddy is, Wood goes on to note that investigators combed through hours of footage and have not found a “single hug or even affectionate look between the two.” Sad! (But pretty true.)

(Via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)