This New Camera Feature Will Turn Your Dog Into A Photographer, No Training Required


Get ready to sign your dogs up for their own Instagram accounts, because Nikon has developed a new camera feature that actually makes it possible for a dog to take pictures. Not only that, but the feature is specifically designed to take pictures of things that your dog likes. So, probably lots of butts and food pictures, just like humans on Instagram.

How exactly does this work? It’s something called Heartography, and it’s a strap-on device connected wirelessly to a Nikon camera that’s positioned over a dog’s heart. The dog can do whatever he or she pleases and when its heart rate is elevated — indicating its excitement — a picture is taken and sent to the camera. Here’s a video:

It’s actually pretty cool, and, in addition to it being yet another way to document all of life’s trivialities, it’s probably a great way to see where your dog has been if you can’t find him or her. But get ready for the next wave of dog-blogs. Which will just be called “dogs,” natch.

(Source: Design Taxi)