Here Are A Bunch Of Dogs Getting Freaked Out By The 'Dexter' Theme Song

HYST tipped us off to a few videos of dogs positively flipping out at the Dexter theme song. We assumed (correctly) that these weren’t isolated incidents. After much exhaustive research (read: plugging obvious keywords into a YouTube search like a boss) we’ve compiled a total of six dogs totally losing their sh-t to music from Dexter.

Sometimes, the simple things are best.

This one is by far my favorite. Great editing, perfect comedic timing at the end, good camera work, adorable dog — what more could you ask for? Kudos, .

Beagle freaks out at 17 seconds.

Double dachshund freakout starts at 25 seconds. P.S. “Double Dachshund Freakout” is my band. Check out our single “Can’t Get Enough Wieners” on Not Happening Records this Pride Day.

Russian Toy Terrier freakout starts at 27 seconds.

Chance the Husky watches Showtime’s Dexter ad set to “Personal Jesus”. And just when I’d managed to forget that Colin Hanks storyline. You tell ’em, Chance.

We’ve found the holy grail. This dog is completely immune to the maddeningly haunting tones of Dexter. Just look at that astounding restraint. Our only hope in stopping the epidemic is to breed this dog with as many other dogs as possible. Especially dachshunds and Shiba Inus, because that would be adorable.