Don Jr.’s Frenzied Posts About Afghanistan Point To Him Thinking His Dad Is A Batman-Like Superhero Who Can Swoop In To Stop The Chaos

An amped-up Don Jr. can’t stop furiously tweeting, even after receiving comeuppance after gloating about the Fall of Kabul on Biden’s watch. Granted, yes, the situation in Afghanistan is a disaster. Biden’s speech didn’t help in a lot of people’s eyes, and the withdrawal’s execution (following the swift Fall of Kabul) has put forth a look that’s, well, not good. Footage of Afghan citizens clinging to a U.S. military plane has been (and will endlessly be) compared to the Fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War. Yes, the war has been ongoing for two full decades, starting on George W. Bush’s watch in the wake of 9/11 and through the Trump Administration, which did the dealmaking for “peace” that ultimately wasn’t honored.

In other words, the withdrawal date was set before Biden came to town, but his efforts to point fingers won’t go well no matter what. And Don Jr. is having an absolute ball with the fallout. After he ranted about Biden being at Camp David, and Hunter Biden, and “white rage”-focused Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, and even a Pride Flag outside the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Don Jr. kept on going. In his latest frenzied round of social media posts, he’s taking more shots at Biden, including complaints that he dared to attempt a vacation (after his dad spent several COVID weekends on the golf course), including as the following tweet.

Over on Instagram, Jr. served up a real doozy: his dad’s silhouette in a Bat Signal. The message here, although erroneous, is that Don Jr. believes that his dad would save the Afghan people if he was still in office. “Just think Biden has another 3.5 years to go. What could go wrong?” Kimberly Guilfoyle’s boyfriend wrote.

Even discounting politics, it’s hard to imagine how any Trump wouldn’t automatically be the worst Batman ever. That means instant elevation for the Batfleck and George Clooney’s Bat Nips, but still, let’s not go there. It’s all so absurd that it’s not even worth discussing on a nerd level, but more to the point of Don Jr.’s frenzy, he is off the hook. Here he is tweeting out a video and claiming that it’s from present-day Afghanistan, although it’s really from Iraq in 2007. He’s attempting to make the point that “we’ve been lied to by a lot of people in government” while spreading a lie.

As Vox’s Aaron Rupar points out, Jr. also kept repeating himself while talking about how much he misses his dad.

The tirade only continued on Twitter from there while firing shots at Biden for various reasons, including possibly needing to rest for a few moments every now and then.

Whew, Don Jr. is exhausting! He needs a nap, too.