Don Jr. Wants People To Stop Buying MAGA Merch From People Who Aren’t Him

One of Donald Trump’s selling points to the American people is that he’s (allegedly!) a great and unimaginably wealthy businessman. But what if he’s not? What if there’s a reason he’s constantly begging his sometimes cash-strapped supporters for money, asking them to do things like help fix his private plane? On Monday, his eldest son even spent part of his latest podcast begging people to stop buying MAGA merch from people who aren’t him.

As per HuffPost, a reasonably clam Don Jr. told viewers interested in buying things like t-shirts emblazoned with his father’s mugshot to avoid third-party sellers, who he accused of “lining their own pockets” rather than giving it back to his dad (or just him).

“I get other people have made [a] very good living doing the MAGA merch, even if,” he said, but noted that “none of the money actually goes toward the [Trump] campaign or the cause.”

But Don Jr. would never seek to make a profit. After all, “the cause” is more important than capitalism. He claimed he wouldn’t “feel right about profiting” from his dad’s legal woes. Besides, he said, “I’d probably actually get killed in the press, thinking about it now.”

Instead, if Trumpists gave him money instead of those crafty capitalists hawking their own MAGA wares, Don Jr. made a solemn oath to funnel “all of the profits” to his dad’s legal plight, so he could “push back against some of the insanity, the miscarriage of justice.”

Sadly, some weren’t buying Don Jr.’s claims, postulating that this was simply one grifter calling out other grifters.

Don Jr.’s dad currently faces 91 charges across four separate criminal cases. His team has claimed prosecutors are working at the behest of President Joe Biden in what amounts to “election interference,” which as it happens is what he’s accused of doing in the case in Georgia.

(Via HuffPost)