Don Jr. Pretends To Know What The Bolshevik Revolution Is While Ranting About The Trump Organization Fraud Charges

Donald Trump Jr. has finally got around to reacting to the damning fraud charges levied against the Trump Organization. Like dear old dad, Don Jr. is particularly incensed about the judge valuing Mar-a-Lago at only $18 million. (There were rumors that Junior is now the owner of the Florida golf resort, but the family has denied that it has changed hands.)

Unlike Trump Sr., Don Jr. skipped social media and took his ranting to The Charlie Kirk Show where he proceeded to pretend to know what the Bolshevik Revolution is as the family seems to be leaning hard into accusations of communism following the ruling.

“I’ve never seen anything even like it,” Don Jr. said via Raw Story. “I mean, this is sort of like the start of the Bolshevik Revolution. We don’t just we don’t like you. So we’re going to confiscate property. We’re going to do these things.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for him to start complaining about the Mar-a-Lago valuation. Both Junior and Senior seem really focused on that for some reason.

“It’s a pretty spectacular place, probably one of the finest homes anywhere in the world,” Junior said, parroting his dad’s description of the Florida resort. “And there’s a lot within half a mile. That’s two point two acres, not on the ocean with nothing on it, just jungle. It’s on the market for $150 million. But Mar-a-Lago is worth 18.”

Junior also seems pretty incensed that he and Eric are being roped into the charges just because their name is on the company, and they’ve been running it since Trump became president.

“We’re going to bring Don Jr. and Eric Trump into it, even though all of the witnesses who have testified said, hey, we had nothing to do with the statement of financial condition,” Junior ranted. “But hey, our last name is Trump. So, we have to be punished.”

(Via Raw Story)