Oh Look, Trump Apparently ‘Sold’ Mar-A-Lago Prior To His Latest Arrest

On Thursday evening, ex-President Donald Trump surrendered at the Fulton County Jail on a basket full of serious RICO charges. He proceeded to self-report his own weight (he somehow gave identical measurements to many fine athletes), and from there, he posed for an angry-looking mugshot, but before that happened, a fake mugshot went viral.

Trump was in and out of the jail in a jiffy, and then he proceeded to pass on deranged memes that referred to himself as the most wonderful president of all time. However, Trump surely as confident in being proven innocent as he appears while boasting about his alleged awesomeness. It seems that 45 is worried about his assets, specifically Mar-a-Lago, which he referred to as the “Winter White House” (being seized by the feds). A listing on Zillow curiously corresponds to Trump’s Palm Beach address, and there’s an aerial view of a property supposedly sold for $422 million on August 4. The Zestimate, however, is listed at just over $24 million.

Newsweek the legwork to verify that this property’s previously most recent sale date corresponds to the date Trump originally bought what would become The Mar-a-Lago Club:

The listing also mentioned that the last time that the property was sold was on April 6, 1995—the exact same date when the former president turned the residence, which he purchased in 1985 for $2 million, into The Mar-a-Lago Club. At the time, Zillow said the property was acquired for $12,000,000.

While Zillow does not provide details about who bought the property, the website SunBiz said that the current owner of Mar-a-Lago is a company called Mar-a-Lago Inc., owned by the former president’s eldest son.

Nothing about the transfer outwardly appears to be illegal, although you never can tell what will pop up when it comes to the Trump family. As far as anyone knows, Donald intends to keep living at his private residence on the property, which is the same place where he stored classified documents in a bathroom and allegedly showed them off for bragging rights. As the kids say, what a clown show this is turning out to be.

UPDATE: The Zillow listing page for Mar-a-Lago has now been modified due to containing “incorrect” details. The page now reflects the status of “Off Market” rather than “Sold.” Here’s a statement from the company:

Zillow strives for accuracy on our site and if we become aware of inaccurate information, we will update it immediately. After an investigation, it appears that the information provided was incorrect. We’ve corrected the information on this property.

Additionally, Eric Trump told Newsweek, “Mar-a-Lago has absolutely not been sold nor will it ever be. This rumor is asinine.”

(Via Newsweek & The Express)