Donald Trump Is Actually Blaming The Government He Was In Charge Of For Not Stopping His Supporters From Attacking The Capitol

With the House Select Committee doggedly investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building following a “Stop the Steal” rally, Donald Trump is now blaming government officials for not stopping his supporters sooner. Yup, you read that.

As damning information continues to be revealed about Trump’s actions while a throng of MAGA rioters breached the Capitol in an attempt to stop the 2020 election from being certified (and, perhaps, hang Mike Pence, AOC, and Nancy Pelosi while they’re at it), the former president has released a statement blasting officials in his own administration for ignoring intelligence that his fanbase would do something crazy like launch a full-on coup. Via Mediaite:

The highly partisan Unselect Committee is just a sideshow to distract America from MASSIVE failures by Biden and the Democrats. What happened to the Capitol would have never happened if the people in charge did their job and looked at the intelligence. They abandoned the officers on the ground, just like Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan. Instead of holding bad leaders accountable, the Democrats are going after innocent staffers and attacking the Constitution.

Again, the January 6 attack occurred under Donald Trump’s administration. It would still be another two weeks until Joe Biden took office. But here’s the thing: Trump isn’t exactly wrong.

In the weeks leading up to the rally, there were several media reports that his supporters were planning something big. So, yes, there are some serious questions to be asked about why there wasn’t more of an effort to contain the MAGA horde before it got out of hand. It’s not like the President of the United States was personally directing the crowd creating an unprecedented constitutional nightmare that tied the chain of command up in knots. That’d be crazy, right?

(Via Mediaite)