Jimmy Kimmel Cooked Donald Trump For Bragging About His Insurrection Crowd Size: ‘It’s Almost As If He’s Insecure About Something’

Donald Trump is the kind of person who only understands absolutes. So, in his mind, getting a “positive” test result for genital warts would likely be reason to celebrate. And when it comes to numbers, bigger is already better. Even if the integer in question is, say, the number of people who came out on your behalf to launch a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol Building.

On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel shared that yet another Trump tell-all is getting ready to hit bookshelves. Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show is written by Jonathan Karl, ABC News’s chief Washington correspondent, and full of fascinating little tidbits about Trump’s final days as the 45th POTUS. Among the gems it digs up, according to Kimmel?

“Karl says that during the riot on January 6th, Trump was bragging about the size of the crowd that stormed the Capitol. Of course he was! Is there anything he won’t brag about? It’s like bragging about the size of your tumor… It’s not good. Someday he’ll be looking up from the bowels of Hell, elbowing his buddy Jeffrey Epstein, saying, ‘Can you believe how many people are dancing on my grave right now?’

Size matters so much to him. It’s almost as if he’s insecure about something.”

Karl also writes about how it was Trump’s staff who, after hours of pleading with the then-outgoing president, finally got him to agree to make a video telling the Capitol rioters to step down and stop what they were doing. “The book says they had to do multiple takes of the video because he kept forgetting to tell them to stop ransacking the Capitol,” Kimmel explained, adding, “I’d love to see the outtakes of that one.” Wouldn’t we all?

You can watch the full clip above.