The Phallic ‘Trump’ Christmas Card That’s Going Viral Is Fake, But It’s Ridiculous Enough To Be The Real Thing

Over on the Trump Store, you can buy all sorts of crap for the meat-breath Taekwondo master in your life this holiday season. There’s Trump bears, Trump flasks, and Trump ice cube trays, except, oops, those are inexplicably out of stock. One item you can’t buy on the store, however, is Trump’s 2021 Christmas card that’s going viral on Twitter.

As seen here:

That’s because it’s not real. The real one looks like this, but can you blame people for thinking the fake card is legit? The dreary background, the miserable expression while wearing a tuxedo, the tacky font, the kids and Melania appearing in ornaments (Community did it), the insistence that he still belongs in the White House — this is the sort of tastelessness we came to expect from Trump after four years as president, and the decades preceding his administration. Also, uh, take a look where Santa is placed:

Again, not real (this is where the photo came from). But it is really funny.

As pointed out by the BBC’s Shayan Sardarizadeh, “Plenty of blue tick accounts are currently spreading a fake ‘Donald Trump Christmas card’ (left), which is so obviously made up. The real one (right) is available to purchase on the former president’s website.” Each card costs $10, but Twitter is free. Stick with Twitter.