Donald Trump Jr. Is Ranting About Democrats ‘Making Heroes Of Pedophiles’ And Lionizing Kyle Rittenhouse (Again)

Donald Trump Jr. seems to be running out of things to shout about. Not long after taking to Instagram to insult Jill Biden’s “sh*thole” Christmas decorations, and just a day after complaining that Americans aren’t rioting enough over COVID vaccine mandates, the former president’s adult son—who may or may not have an actual job—was on Fox News (again) speaking with Trump mouthpiece Sean Hannity (again) about… well, we’re not really sure if even Don Jr. knows what he was talking about.

As Mediaite reports, Don Jr. chatted with Hannity on Wednesday night to count thy ways the Democrats have failed this country. Perhaps his time was limited, because Junior tried to shove an awful lot of bullsh*t into a single ramble, in what sounded like a greatest hits album of GOP conspiracy theories, complete with talk of Hunter Biden and pedophiles among us:

You have the Afghanistan withdrawal. I don’t know we’ve seen a worse incident in our country in the last century where we’re abandoning Americans, behind enemy lines, giving said enemy lists of people and biometric data that they can track them down. You have, killing American pipelines while giving Russia that, as my father’s administration did a great job blocking it. So then we can give NATO more money to protect them from the Russians that they’re enriching with the pipelines, you know? Hunter must be on the payroll somewhere, Sean.

It never ends. The incompetence doesn’t end. The Democrats are going out and making heroes of pedophiles. You saw this during this Rittenhouse trial. Joseph Rosenbaum, a five-time convicted [sic] child rapist. Boys as young as nine that he raped, he can go around with a gun rioting in Kenosha [sic], no problem.

As Mediaite noted, Joseph Rosenbaum—one of the two men Kyle Rittenhouse fatally shot—was indeed indicted on 11 counts of child molestation in 2002. He pled guilty to two of the charges and served approximately 15 years in prison. But there was no way that Rittenhouse, who was acquitted of all charges based on a self-defense plea, knew any of this before he shot and killed Rosenbaum—who was unarmed.

It is, of course, worth noting that Rittenhouse’s lawyer, Mark Richards, has been complaining about how Republicans keep trying to turn his client into some sort of GOP poster boy, and specifically called out Don Jr., calling him “an idiot” for attempting to send Rittenhouse a new AR-15 rifle.

(Via Mediaite)