Trump Is Reportedly Raging Over Don Jr.’s Girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Working For A Senate Candidate He Didn’t Endorse

In case there were any doubts that Donald Trump’s rage knows no bounds, the former president is reportedly angry with Junior’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle. The former Fox News host has been working as the national chair for Eric Greitens’ U.S. Senate campaign, which shouldn’t seem like a problem, but there’s just one small detail: Trump hasn’t endorsed him and doesn’t like him. That’s enough for the former president to be “short” with Guilfoyle and repeatedly express his anger with her. Via Politico Playbook:

Aides told Playbook that Trump has been openly griping that Guilfoyle joined ERIC GREITENS’ campaign for Senate in Missouri as national campaign chair, and he’s becoming increasingly short with Guilfoyle.

“Trump thinks Greitens is problematic, and that Kim is annoying,” said one Trump adviser. “He said, ‘Why the f— is she working for him?’”

At reported issue is the idea that Trump doesn’t want Guilfoyle’s presence on Greitens’ campaign to look like an endorsement from him or Junior. So Trump’s really going to love this latest development: Rudy Giuliani will be stumping for Greitens in Missouri this weekend. Despite Giuliani’s mounting legal fees and financial troubles from Trump refusing to pay him for his work in attempting to overturn the 2020 election results, Giuliani is still a loyal member of Trump’s inner circle. America’s Mayor was recently roasted after he boldly claimed that “everyone misses Trump’s policies,” so his endorsement of Greitens could easily be interpreted as a sign of Trump’s support for the candidate.

Maybe get ready for some shouty phone calls, Rudy.

(Via Politico Playbook, Fox 2 Now)