An Amped Up Don Jr. Went On Fox News To Promote His Daddy’s New Shady Media And Technology Group: ‘It’s Gonna Be Awesome’

It’s a good thing for Donald Trump Jr. that his dad is always coming up with new ways to scam the MAGAites of the world. Otherwise, he might have to find a real job. In the meantime, he’s happy to serve as Daddy’s #1 fan, and dutifully did so on Wednesday night when he chatted with Sean Hannity on Fox News. The topic of the conversation? Pops’ shady new social media network, TRUTH Social, and the Trump Media & Technology Group. When asked what he could tell the world about his dad’s latest endeavor—which already has some people suggesting it’s just a new way for the former president to further fleece his supporters—Jr. had lots to say.

“Well, Sean, it’s a big deal! For so long, Big Tech has suppressed conservative voices. If you’re pro-Second Amendment, if you’re pro-life, if you’re religious, if you’re just a conservative, you have been in Facebook Jail. You have been de-platformed. You had been demonetized. What we’re trying to do is create a big tent—an open and free network for people to be able to communicate, to exercise your First Amendment rights.

And so tonight, my father signed a definitive merger agreement to form what will ultimately be the Trump Media & Technology Group and TRUTH Social, a platform for everyone to express their feelings. Big Tech and all of those on the left, for so long, Sean, have been saying: ‘Well, if you don’t like the rules that we really enforce only one way on our platforms, go create your own.’ And so we did just that.”

It should be noted that tens of millions of other people around the world regularly express their feelings—yes, even gun owners and pro-lifers—and have never ended up in “Facebook Jail.” And that Trump the Elder has, quite pathetically, tried to sneak his way back on to Twitter in recent months, and failed miserably. He also regularly has his spokeswoman share his kooky statements on Twitter, while Don Jr. himself is still on Twitter, and regularly posting several times a day. So they can’t think too poorly of the platform.

Still, Don Jr. says TRUTH Social aims to “give a voice back to the American people… We’re going to cancel ‘cancel culture,’ we’re going to stand up and push back against the tyranny of Big Tech. I think America has been waiting for this… It’s gonna be awesome.”

America did not respond to our request for comment. Meanwhile, hackers have already taken down Trump’s new site.

(Via Benny Johnson)