Don Jr. Went On An Unhinged Rant About The Backlash To Elon Musk Hosting ‘SNL’

Donald Trump, former president of the United States, is not allowed on Twitter or any of the other more popular social media websites these days. Instead, he’s blogging on a website that acts like a half-functioning Twitter, which is very funny.

His son, Donald Trump Jr., is still allowed on the platform and is doing his best impression of his father when it comes to the latest right-wing talking points. And right now, that’s Elon Musk’s upcoming hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. The billionaire hosting the show has become a political issue in recent days after the initial weirdness of Musk getting the gig gave way to some rumblings that members of the show’s cast were not happy he would host in the first place.

“I’m old enough to remember when Saturday Night Live was actually funny,” he said in a video he posted on Twitter through a link to a video service called Rumble. Complete with G.I. Joe-like typeface to label the video, it’s the usual mix of over-enthusiasm, rambling about “pursuing the wokeness” and mostly just trying to emulate his father’s mannerisms and speaking cadence.

Seriously, it’s tough to even keep track of what he’s saying because it looks like he’s doing an impression of his father in so many ways. The hand movements, using words like “clown” and obsessing over conservative talking points just sounds like someone desperately trying to impersonate Trump. Don Jr. does call Musk “one of the great minds of our time” and raves about his business achievements, though he doubts that he’s a conservative like himself. Making fun of people who may not be happy Musk will host, though, is something he can get behind.

“They don’t have to go to work because they’re worried that someone might hurt their feelings,” Jr says at one point. There’s a bunch of nostalgia for the show back in the 1970s, when things were better but he was not old enough to actually have watched. But Trump Jr. did say he’s going to watch on Saturday, so maybe he’ll have more to say about the show on Rumble this weekend.

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