Don Jr. Thinks The Taliban Was Blown Away By His Dad’s ‘Brainpower’ And ‘Strength’

The halls of Fox News were alive with the sounds of Trump on Wednesday night. While the former president being interviewed by Greg Gutfeld(!) and sending the studio into (manufactured) hysterics, his shouty son was busy telling Sean Hannity how his dad could beat up your dad (or something).

Both Trumps had a lot to say about the Taliban. In the case of Trump Sr., it included a hi-larious impression of how the terrorist group’s leaders communicate in grunts.

All Trump Jr. wanted to talk about, on the other hand, was how bad a job Joe Biden is doing as president—“a clown show” were his exact words—and how much different things would be if his pops were still in charge because, hoo boy, was the Taliban (all 75,000 of them, we guess) in awe of his dad’s strength and brilliance. Yes, he really said this!

As Mediaite reports, when Hannity asked Jr. what his dad would do if he were facing the same situation in Afghanistan that Biden is right now, Trump the younger didn’t mince words: they would bend the knee to Trump because of his fierce intelligence and brilliant negotiation skills. As Mediaite wrote:

Trump Jr. told Hannity, “The only thing these animals respect and understand is strength, and Joe Biden exudes nothing but weakness. Donald Trump exuded strength, so they knew he was not someone to be trifled with. They knew he was not someone to mess with.”

He went on to say his father “had the brainpower to actually negotiate like a real businessman, not a bureaucrat politician with no real world experience.”

“He wouldn’t have walked away without having conditions met. He wouldn’t have given them I’ve read 65 billion in U.S. equipment. He wouldn’t have allowed that and they wouldn’t have even thought to mess with him,” Trump added.

We liked it better when Don Jr. was getting mad about being roasted for pretending to be rugged (and not knowing how to sit).

(Via Mediaite)