Donald Trump And His Advisors Hate Ron DeSantis So Much That They Want To Mercilessly Humiliate Him ‘Until He’s Fat Again’

In March 2023, Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis were within 10 percent of each other in the 2024 primary polls. The Florida governor now trails the former president by 40 percent, according to figures from FiveThirtyEight. Even Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a better shot of winning the election than ol’ Meatball Ron. But that doesn’t mean Trump Team is going to back off from insulting DeSantis as often — and as loudly — as possible.

Rolling Stone reports that “top Trump aides have near-daily discussions about new and outrageous ideas for how to attack and debase DeSantis, including via the campaign’s regular anti-DeSantis ‘Kiss of Death’ email blasts to supporters and the media.” There’s even an inside joke among Trump’s people that they won’t stop humilating DeSantis “until he’s fat again.”

In the past month alone, the Trump campaign, or Trump himself, have also gone after DeSantis for his fashion sense (“Ron’s heels are high, his hopes have never been lower”); his manhood (“[Ron] is now a political eunuch. He’s the last person who should be talking about balls”); his brain (“completely fried and inoperable”); his allegedly bizarre eating habits (“stuffing your suit pockets with cold, stale chicken tenders”); and much else.

The point of the taunts is to “drive home the point to every voter and news consumer how weird and awkward this guy is,” a senior Trump aide said. Unlike Donald, who is very normal and not messy.

(Via Rolling Stone)