Donald Trump Sings And Dances In A Mesmerizing ‘Songify This’ Parody

The Gregory Brothers (also known as “Schmoyoho” or “Autotune the News”) turned their auto-tuning and video-editing skills to Donald Trump and the CNBC GOP Debate. We’ve already seen how much the Donald’s vocalizations lend themselves to song, but did you know he’s a skilled lyricist, too? Not every actual presidential candidate can rhyme “I will be the greatest” with “some Mexicans are rapists.”

Okay, so this may not be as catchy as their other hit, “Bed Intruder Song,” but don’t tell Trump I said that. This video could never be second best if he’s starring in it; Trump would (probably) say, “It’s the most luxurious video for anyone who isn’t a dummy or a known loser.” I love when presidential candidates use the same kind of insults a mediocre fourth-grader could come up with.

And just for fun, here are the full lyrics, which are things Trump has actually said:

Baby, baby, baby
I’m so high, why do we have to have an election?
Stupid, stupid losers
Got us headed in the wrong direction
We’ve gotta be smart, we’ve gotta be tough
I’m killin’ everybody, like a rocket ship I went up
I will be the greatest
Some Mexicans, they’re rapists
The greatest, the greatest
I love Mexicans, they’re rapists

We used to win, we don’t win anymore
We’re gonna build a wall with a big fat door
But I’m keeping talented people here
Will you get your asses in gear
Please do me a favor and let me win
We will make America great again
I find it very hard to forgive people that deceived me
I have a permit to carry, believe me.

(Via schmoyoho)