A Donald Trump Tombstone Mysteriously Popped Up In Central Park

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03.27.16 8 Comments

In an election season unlike any before it, the possibility of some sort of supernatural element invading the American political process seems like the next possible evolutionary step of weird. Today, we hit the next level of “strange” as New Yorkers strolling through Central Park early this morning found a Donald Trump tombstone. With the epitaph reading “Made America Hate Again” and featuring Trump’s birth year of 1946 and the death date open, this is more than some anti-Trump graffiti or Fedex-Kinkos-made protest sign. Someone threw down some cash for this statement.

Here’s a closer angle on the tombstone.

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Someone placed an actual Trump tombstone in Central Park

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This creepy photo has the creepy hashtag of #centralparkdogs. Why is it so creepy? I don’t know. It kind of is though, right?

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